For the manufacturing of Galvanizing Pipes all end faced and Hydro tested pipes/tubes Galvanizing Plant.

There are five tanks filled with hydrochloric acid, running water and flux. First of all, ferrous oxide/rust of the pipes is cleaned by HCL Acid, when the rust is cleaned then the cleaned pipes are dipped in the running water tank for cleaning HCL Acid. After cleaning the pipes by running water, the pipes are dipped in flux tank. After this process the pipes are shifted to the bed of heating oven (for drying the wet pipes). The temperature of heating oven is 80’C to 100’C. 

After dried pipes are dipped in Zinc bath (Molten Zinc Tank) by conveyor. The temperature of  Zinc tank is 440*C to 460*C, each galvanized pipes are lifted from Zinc tank by the help of tang to the extraction unit (conveyor) through an outer & inner air die for releasing the extra Zinc on/in the surface of pipes. 

After this process each pipes are dipped in dichromate solution for cooling. After the dichromate the Galvanized pipes comes out through a chain conveyor to the bed for drying of pipes. When the pipes are dry then they shifted to the threading bed for threading (as per IS: 554-1999) & measurement. After the threading both the threaded ends are varnished & one end is assembled with PVC cap for protection of the thread and other end with sockets & then the pipes are measured, bundled and stocked.    

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