The M.S. Steel Tubes & Pipes are made of from H.R.Coils (Hot Rolled Strips) as per I.S. specification IS:1239 etc. in different sizes. The H.R.Coils are slitted on slitting machine as per required thickness & width for different pipe sizes.

After slitting the small slitts/coil are transferred to Steel Tubes Manufacturing Mills. Coils are loaded on Pay off Reel and passed through looping cage then to the forming Mill which takes shape of open seam pipe through contact welding (H.F.Welder) is used for continues welding an impeder is placed inside the open seam pipe. Edges heated up & squeeze in the squeezing unit. The top welded Flash removed with the help of Scarfing Tools, welded pipe passes through water cooling zone and cooled.

After that the pipe passes through sizing section where the outer dia is mentained & pipe straightened with the help of Turk Head. The required length (standard length) 6.00 mtr. Is cut on cut off carriage on line. The cut length pipe is rolled out on conveyer & stopped by stopper at end of conveyer and ejected to the pipe collecting pockets. This is a continuous process.

The Tube Mill is driven by D.C./A.C. Motor & the main Drive worm Reduction Gear Boxes in Forming & sizing section, connected to the Horizontal stand with propeller shafts for manufacturing steel pipes of different sizes Rolls Tooling are changed accordingly.

After Rolling the pipes, the pipes are transferred to end facing machines where end Burr is removed. Each pipes is tested on Hydro Pipe Testing machine to check the leakage on welding seam. This pipe is called E.R.W. pipe.

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